Team Projects

Welcome to Fallen Empires Learning Project

1. Learning to create Factions/civilizations in 0 A.D.
2. Involving those whom the team never took into account.  I do it because we have a great experience, like brothers in the game, and have a passion for the design of the game.
3. Make a multilingual manual of how to make a civilization, step by step, and how to bring it into actual gameplay.
4. We will have fun, learn, train each other, and make new friends 🙂
5. Encouraging the development of this game and future mods.

We will do the following projects:

  • The Bronze Pack civs (Aristeia Mod)
  • Make smaller, less important civilizations (ie: the Nabataeans, Dacians.  Feel free to suggest more and join to us to make your own civilization!)
  • Make props
  • Make textures
  • Introducing ourselves to the world of fellow RTS games
  • Helping the Official WFG Team and Scion Developments (lead by Rob Kimball)

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