Team Applications

If you are interested in joining the team, send either Lion.Kanzen or I a note.  You can reach us here, or on the 0 A.D. forums.  Here is the link to our sub-forum:

We are currently in need of many team members.  Here are some skills that we are looking for:

  • 3D modeling[export to Collada (.dae) and follow the method that is used for vanilla 0 A.D.]
  • 3d Animation.
  • Basic Programming [Javascript, C++, XML]
  • Voice Acting
  • Sound  Effects/Foley
  • Ancient Music (Both composers and musicians.  Musicians are preferably able to play and having access to period instruments ie: lyres, ethnic drums, oud, wooden flutes, etc… and/or able to sing in ancient languages)
  • 2D texturing (design and implementation to 3D)
  • 2D design in general (for icons, emblems, main menu art, etc…)
  • Drawing Skills (for concept art)

and anyone else who is willing to help us with research.


This Other Form

Same the Document  at yours name and share with us.


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