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During the New Kingdom bronze was sometimes used. Metal plate shields were heavier than leather shields with wooden frames, and did not necessarily afford better protection.
At Oxford University a leather covered wooden frame shield and a bronze shield were constructed similar to shields used in ancient times. Attempts at piercing them with a sword and a lance were made. While the bronze shield was split by the sword and pierced by the spear, the leather shield with its higher elasticity was not penetrated.
The shields were held by a handle or a leather strip fastened to the centre of the frame (see photograph below). At times attempts were made to free the shield arm for offensive action, or at least for carrying another weapon. The shield was carried by a strap slung over the shoulder and was thus reduced to a passive piece of armour protecting one side of the body.

Idawin, romans, Egyptians.

First Mods in Game.


Phoenician Civic Centre


Phoenician Civic Centre


Game Civic Centre for Phoenicians.

this week im already in vacations, i was finish my final class. and now i have time to expend in Aristeia for 0.A.D.  i im learning some blender. i was  modify Carthaginian Embassy and convert that building in this.


I try to do a new site, more customized in its very similar to play0ad site.

obviously must install some plugins. but i have no time. but  you must don’t care, don’t worries here in our Project, we don’t fight against the time. feel free to contribute anytime when you want.