About Team


bio: I am a Student of Comunnication and Advertising, and I am  holds an academic degree in Graphic Design in same university UNITEC, im big fan of RTS since i was play Age of Empires Gold Edition. im big Fan of Roman History and Roman World. my first contact with 0.A.D was in 2004, when the Project was in  Design of the main Engine. but my first play was in Alpha 5. but my best enjoy with game,  was With Alpha 7 and since that release never miss and update.

contact: lion.kanzen@gmail.com


bio: I am a student who enjoys Ancient History and RTS gaming.  I have been following 0 A.D. for a few years now (since its third alpha release), and I am impressed with how much progress has been made.

contact: atenmeses52.fallenempires@gmail.com


bio: I’m a CompSci student who’s always loved RTS games. At the age of 10 I was designing how AoE should’ve been (in my mind) and so my quest for the perfect RTS started. I encountered many wonderful games throughout my travels, but none of them was quite what I needed. I believe 0 A.D. may be my Graal of Gaming, because I can help make it what I want.
I’m currently contributing 3D models.

contact: send me a pm on wildfiregames forum


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