Welcome to Fallen Empires Studios.


Fallen Empires Studios.

We are a Development team, with many modding projects for the Wildfire Games Community, and their powerful game, 0.A.D.

Licensed under Creative Commons.

The Fallen Empires Studios

The Wildfire Games community grows with every release of their prized Real Time Strategy (RTS) game “0 A.D.” and, just like with any greatly-moddable RTS, many fans are longing to lead the ancient civilizations to glory, hopefully waiting for some of the nostalgic Age of Empires’ antique powers make their comeback. Especially Ancient Egypt.

The Fallen Empire Studios emerged as a development team independent from WFG official team, since they are currently very busy with the main development. With this in mind, some contributors banded together to carry ahead a couple projects to bring new players and improve the game’s range possibilities, to give something to the team, instead of only asking, to show that when there is good will, things happen.

Main Objective:
Learn through practice how to build Mods for the game, seeking not only to help, but to acquire knowledge for oneself.

Specific Objectives.

  1. To inspire the community members to contribute to the project without pressure, so that you do what and when you want.

  2. Build a multi-language manual showing, step by step, how to create a new civilization for the game, up to how to introduce it to the game.

  3. To submit many high-quality contributions to the WFG community.

  4. To stimulate the development of the game and derived projects, and through that stimulate people to contribute by themselves or with a group to the Open Source community.

In what do we believe?
We believe that everyone needs an opportunity to show your ideas and make them real, wether an expert or not, wherever you are or whatever you believe, if you want to modify an Open Source game, you can make it.

Since nobody is better than anyone, the founders of the Fallen Empires Studios trust that the projects must be developed democratically and never dismiss anyone’s opinion, even if their contributions were not as relevant.

Current Projects:

  • Aristeia: The Bronze Age civilizations pack.
  • Latin Voices for 0 A.D.’s Romans
  • Eye Candy Miscellaneous for 0 A.D.
  • Other DLC Civilization packs

Contact methods:

WordPress site: https://fallenempiresstudio.wordpress.com/
MODDB:  http://www.moddb.com/company/fallen-empires-studio
Alternate Site: http://fallen-empires.hol.es/ [Working in progress/ Under Construction]


Aplication Form for 0 A.D.’s Main Team:


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Fallen Empires Studios.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    Lion and I are extremely excited to begin work on this mod. Just a note to all (prospective) team members: send us your emails and we can get you started with tasks! All progress will be posted on this blog and on a soon-to-come moddb page.

  2. I guess you guys already have my email, uh? Just send me a task and i’ll start doing it ASAP. Also, my skype (ID in my wildfire forum profile), is always on when i’m online (including when in class, so forgive me if i can’t talk with you in any specific moment).

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